This is our very first step in production. Here is where we flesh out the story idea, conceptualize and write the script. We then work out the financial logistics of the project based on the film’s requirements. Our services don’t just stop there. We can help you build your brand identity through graphic design, brand placement and website development. We do campaign creation for both print and live video. Our team works closely with you to identify the best way to communicate to your audiences.


Here, we finalize the shooting script, and begin location scouting, organising permits and fleshing out the production budget. A shooting schedule is established, with equipment and gear selection. We also acquire key film crew members for the production team, like the director, cinematographer,sound recordists, assistant director, photographer, unit production managers, costume and make-up artists. For fiction projects, actors are cast at this stage. Once all the pieces are in place, creative planning begins. Each department works with the line producer to break down what they need in order to execute director’s vision, and the sound design is finalized for the film.


The production stage is when filming begins. During this timeframe, our additional crew will work together to accomplish your film’s requirementslike a script supervisor to check for script continuity, or an underwater cinematographer. Our production coordinator will supervise the day-to-day and make sure all supplemental departments like catering,billing, and scheduling have the necessary resources to stay on track.Camera operators and grips will follow the shooting script set by the director and cinematographer to capture all the necessary footage.


After the shooting is complete, the audio and visual materials are cut together to create your final film. For non-fiction projects, the director creates an edit script. The editor assembles footage shot-by-shot, adds music (either original or licensed), and incorporates sound and visual effects. Some elements of filming, like pick-up shots, voiceover, transcription and subtitling are also included in post-production. These elements are woven together to create the final film. Depending on the scale and requirements of the project, you may have music composers, colorists,translators, animators and other post production professionals involved in this process.


This is the final stage of production, which occurs after your film has been edited. We can help you promote and market your film by creating relatable campaigns. We plan an in-depth marketing strategy for advertising your presence to the right audiences through print and other media. After this, the film is ready for viewing and to create the desired impact!

You may need our support for the entire production process, or for just one part of it. No matter what the requirement, we have you covered.