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One often hears that the story comes together in the editing room. It is where the “vision” turns into a reality. Needless to say, we work with skilled professionals and industry standard software to provide the best possible services to our clients. From editing and colour grading, to sound design, music and animation,thesis statement on immigration global.warming essay Emaho provides a complete variety of post-production services.
Our video editors are proficient with softwares including Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP, and Da Vince Resolve. They have several years of experience with diverse content and platforms.
They also have a fair amount of knowledge of other aspects of post-production. Our editors work closely with the director to ensure that the clients vision is accurately achieved.
Colour grading is like the polish that we put to a film before sending it out into the world. Its our last chance to set the mood and to determine a theme for the film. It is one of the most delicate crafts of the production process. We have built a database of experienced colourists whose work we like. They work closely with our directors and editors to give the films a perfect look.
These days many films use animation and VFX to compliment the camera or to paint a picture where live action filming cannot be achieved. From property films and branded content to documentaries, we use these techniques across the board.

“Music is the final piece of filmmaking - the essential element that pulls emotion from an audience and puts the goosebumps on the screen.”

- Artie Kane