Emaho Films at its core is a visual storytelling agency.  It was founded in 2016 by writer/ director Taira Malaney to tell creative and captivating stories of brands, places and people through high quality film production.

‘Emaho’ is a Sanskrit expression meaning “wonder and amazement”. Our films tap into the human’s natural sense of curiosity. We want our audiences to experience that moment of awe when discovering something new. At the heart of our films is strong character driven storytelling.


At Emaho, we are storytellers at heart. It is this passion that has brought us together from all parts of the country to create films.

Taira Malaney

Director, Writer & Editor
Taira is a scriptwriter, director and editor. She founded Emaho Films in 2016, with the vision to tell strong character driven stories in a cinematic and captivating way. She has written and directed several award winning short films. 

Mohit Arora

Editor and Assistant Director
Mohit joined us in 2020 as an intern. Today, he is the editor and assistant director at Emaho. His multifaceted skill set has enabled him to become quite indispensable and we are so lucky to have him!

Saif Khan

Creative Producer
Saif has worked in the creative media industry for over 5yrs. He joined Emaho in 2021. His drive and focus is to create original, native, and thought-provoking content. He hopes to bring local stories to international audiences.

Mandar Jadye

From budgets and Cash Flow to Accounts and office operations, he works closely with the production team to ensure that all shoots run smoothly. 

Swati Mahawar

Company Secretary
Swati Mahawar works as a Manager of Corporate Services with Emaho Films and handles all our legal affairs. 

Shamba Naik

Junior Accountant
Shamba is key in supporting Mandar and all our company's financial needs at the most unearthly hours!


Our Goals

Our vision is to be the go-to niche innovative film production agency that caters to the type of clients, products and services that imbibe our values of inspiring, challenging, uplifting, enlightening and sharing hope.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to create films that speak volumes for themselves. Films that tell stories that are universal, diverse, thought-provoking and relevant. 

Our Values

Our values are the driving force through which we maintain an open feedback loop. Enabling us to maintain a collaborative work ethic, wherein we focus on authenticity, which reflects in our creative work and helps us blaze a new trail, where humanity and profitability work hand in hand. 


We're fortunate to work with some of the best artists, writers, film makers and producers in the industry. 

Aditi Mody
Director & Writer


Venice Atienza
Creative Producer & Director


Jay Oza
Director of Photography


Krish Makhija
Director of Photography


Upamanyu Bhattacharyya



Pranav Bhasin

Director, Writer, DOP


Joe John

Director of Photography


Sumaia Sayyed

Photographer and Illustrator


Madhav Shorey

Music Producer & Composer


Suraj Wanwari

Director and Writer


Interested in coming on board?

We are always looking for fresh new talent to join our team.